Quantum Hypnotherapy

Quantum Hypnotherapy: It is a new dimension in traditional clinical hypnotherapy. It is being taught as an advanced course in hypnotherapy.

Quantum Hypnotherapy (QH) uses the basic concepts and techniques of Hypnosis and Quantum Physics. QH has basically two parts: (1) Understanding the functioning of the mind that how it creates all the stress, pain, negative emotions, anxiety, fears, anger, and problems of life. It is not just enough to treat a particular symptom, one need to understand the root cause of the problem also. When we know the root cause of the problem, it is much easier to handle it. (2) To achieve a much deeper state of trance where the physical and mental states are experienced at the vibratory or quantum level. In this quantum state of mind-body, healing happens beyond any conscious effort like suggestions or visualization.

When we relax or achieve a hypnotic trance, our classical perception of the reality (such as time, problems, pain, suffering, etc.) starts changing. For example, in a conscious state, pain is uncomfortable. In a traditional hypnotic trance, pain becomes less uncomfortable with faster healing; however, in a much deeper quantum level (these methods are taught in the class), pain is experienced/perceived nothing but a vibrational energy and the intelligence of the subconscious mind may heal it naturally.

Quantum Hypnotherapy is not a substitute of the traditional clinical hypnotherapy, which is a useful and powerful tool in many mind-body health problems. QH is a step beyond the traditional hypnotherapy. There are many situations in life where treating the symptoms only is not enough; where the power of suggestions or visualization alone can not heal a health problem; where it is important to experience the mind-body existence beyond physical and mental levels. QH is very close to the process of self-realization or achieving a state of awareness.

Some expected results from Quantum Hypnotherapy: Peace of mind and natural physical health; Experience of a 24-hour meditative mind and awareness; not to accumulate stress in every day life routine; Clearly seeing (witnessing) the process of emotional suffering; A natural control over thoughts and experience the illusory nature of Time; Better and healthy dreams, fearlessness and sound sleep; Better pain management

Duration: 3-hour introductory seminar or a 2-day 15-hour full workshop

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