Past-Life & Age Regression

Past-Life & Age Regression Therapy for Mind-Body Health: From traditional methods of regression (hypnotic and non-hypnotic both) to the basic scientific and metaphysical understanding of the past-life phenomenon, Dr. Jain explains it from quantum and space-time physics and spiritual point of views. Many techniques of experiencing past-lives are taught and practiced in the class. In order to experience a past-life phenomenon, one doesn’t have to believe in it. Role of meditation, hypnosis, dreams, massage, breathing, tantra yoga, imagery, illness, NDE (near-death-experience), OBE (out of body experience), relationships, mysticism, etc. is also discussed. Christo’s method of past life regression is also taught.

Duration: 3 Hours or a one-day 8-hour or a two-day 15-hour Workshop

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