Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Course: This course is approved by American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). This is quite a new approach to traditional hypnotherapy in which simple methods of meditation, breathing, and relaxation are also included. More emphasis is placed on finding and treating the “root-cause” (or the source) of the problem, rather than just treating the symptom only. The participants experience a transformation in their own life in this interactive class, where almost half of the time is spent in practice and demonstrations.

Dr. Jain has been teaching this course for over 12 years now. Dr. Jain’s book “Clinical & Meditative hypnotherapy” (Qh Publishing, 2006) is used for this course. Following a brief overview of the sessions:

Session 1:

·          History of Hypnosis

·          Meaning, Misconceptions, Importance, etc. of Hypnosis

·          Stage Hypnosis vs. Clinical Hypnosis; Hypnosis/Self-Hypnosis

·          Conscious and Subconscious Parts of Mind

·          Various States of Consciousness (Waking, Dream, Sleep...)

·          Power of Suggestion, Thoughts, Emotions, etc.

·          Relaxation and Breath work

·          Time, Mind, and Thought; Time Distortion and Relativity

·          What is a Trance State; Various Levels of Trance

Session 2:

·          How to Induce a Trance or Hypnotic State

1.       Progressive Induction

2.       Rapid Induction Techniques

3.       Indirect Methods of Induction

4.       Ericksonian Methods

5.       Watching “breathing” or “thoughts” Method

·          Deepening the Trance /  Hypnotic State

·          Tests of Hypnotizability

Session 3:

·          Practicing in the Class with each other

·          Questions and Answers

·          Guided Group Relaxation / Induction

Session 4:

·          Trance Phenomenon

·          Advanced Techniques of Deepening the Trance

·          Advanced techniques of Testing the Hypnotizability

·          Creating Local Hypnotic Anesthesia

Session 5:

·          Ideomotor Signaling (Communication with the Subconscious)

·          Various Methods of Ideomotor Signaling

Session 6:

 ·          Post-Hypnotic Suggestions

·          Conditioned Reflexes

·          Mind’s Laws of the Reverse Effect & Dominant Effect

·          Will Power vs. the Sub-conscious Mind

·          Dealing with the Resistance in Induction and Therapy

·          Hypnoanalysis, Age Regression, and the Dreams

 Session 7:

·          Techniques of Guided Imagery

·          Simple Methods of Visualization

·          Quantum Hypnosis (@1997 by Dr. Jain)

·          Meditative Hypnosis

Session 8:

·          Practicing in the Class with each other

·          Demonstration with Clients/Guests (if available) by Dr. Jain

·          Questions, Comments, Answers, etc.

·          Discussing the Test

Session 9:        

·          Stress Management

·          Weight Control and Obesity

·          Quit Smoking

·          Pain Control

·          Fears / Phobias

·          Anxieties / Depression

·          Insomnia, Headaches, Migraines, etc.

·          Asthma, Allergies, Skin Disorders

·          Sexual Dysfunctions, Enhancement, and Problems

·          Stuttering, Nail Biting, and other Habits

·          Age Regression / Past Life Regression

·          Improving Skills, Memory, and Relationships

·          Medical Use of Hypnosis (Dentistry, Surgery, Psychiatry, etc.)

·          Use of Hypnosis in Childbirth

·          Hypnosis in Medical emergency

ssion 10:

·          Office Procedures, Items, and Environment

·          Advertising and Presentation

·          Legal Issues, Licensing, Insurance, etc.

·          Making Audio Tapes

·          Becoming Member of Professional Institutes / Organizations

·          Attending Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, etc.

·          Going Internet / Web Site

·          Dealing with Difficult Clients, Resistance, and Problems

·          Other Do’s and Don’ts in your Practice


Duration: A 4-day 30-hour Course


Copyright 2006 Ashok K. Jain and Quantum Hypnotherapy