24-Hour Meditative Mind

24-Hour Meditative Mind for Awareness (Self-Realization) and Mind-Body Health: Everything you wanted to know about meditation and its benefits. This is a very popular workshop where Dr. Jain discusses hands-on techniques (so simple but very effective that you don’t need any particular time or space for practice) of how to be in a meditative state 24-hour a day (i.e., including dreams and sleep). The basic emphasis is on the “understanding of the functioning of the mind”. “When we know how our mind functions or reacts”, we are in meditation. This technique goes much beyond “managing or reducing stress/negative emotions”.

Here we learn “how our ignorant mind creates the so called negative energies of emotions” and with this process of “knowing the functioning” of our own mind, we are out of (transcend) this suffering - it is enough to understand and “see the process” of how mind creates a reality. The new physics of quantum and space-time is related with the thinking mode of consciousness. This approach is scientific, spiritual, non-dogmatic, and full of wisdom and mysticism, and practical. It is an effortless effort, an experience of “Letting Go”, a joy of being “here and now”, and a role of an observer. The utter simplicity and practicality are the two basic strengths of this workshop. Several simple methods are taught in order to quite the monkey mind and feel the “oneness” with the universe.

Duration: Minimum 3 Hours or A full day 8-hour Workshop or a 2-day 15-hour Workshop


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