"Dr. Jain is a gifted teacher who taught a fascinating class. I will recommend it to everyone."
Ronald J, Philedelphia, PA

"Dr. Jain is such a special person. He is so calm and rational. He had a real connection with the class."
Linda G, Philedelphia, PA

"This man is amazing, very knowledgeable. I am greatful to the time spent with him. I would like to see this type of QH course available in SA more often."
D. Langley, South Africa

"I feel like with Dr. Jain's guidance and shared views and experiences, I have a solid basis to begin a new direction in my life."
Julee K, Philedelphia, PA

"Enjoyed learning from a professional in Quantum Physics. It was excellent in every aspect and will influence my life to the best."
Jaco F, South Africa

"Great program - Time seemed to go very quickly, but we learned a great deal."
Rosanne C, Philedelphia, PA

"I found Dr. Jain to be an interesting and kind man."
Jim M, Philedelphia, PA

"Fantastic program, greatest teacher."
Khan, Philedelphia, PA

"I could listen to Dr. Jain forever."
Kelly, Philedelphia, PA

"Dr. Jain is a very insightful and interesting teacher."
Donna L, Philedelphia, PA

"Excellent presenter, great course, many thanks for your flexibility and kindness."
Kim P, Philedelphia, PA

"Fascinating subject, which has enriched my experience of life."
Sharon C, South Africa

"Wow, what a seminar. Very well presented."
Dr. Yolande G, South Africa

"Nice overview of the power of our thoughts and the influence of stressors. Thank you for your wonderful teaching stories which help integrate the material"
Deborah L, Fayetteville, NC

"Class was very enjoyable, packed with large concepts in simple statements but powerful statements, brought to life with stories and parables topped by our own actual experiences. Thanks you very much"
Jeycea T, Virginia Beach, VA

"I found you to be a brilliant speaker. I gained a lot of insight into my own concepts. Your wisdom will be very beneficial in my hypnotherapy practice. Thank you and I hope our paths cross again"
Bernice B, Virginia Beach, VA

"This has been one of the most enlightening class I've ever taken. I feel at home in the quantum field and I also feel my practice shall be enriched and my clients will benefit greatly"
Judy H., Norfolk, VA

"I enjoyed. A fun, eye opening experience"
William T, Virginia Beach, VA

"Great class for self-help as well as to use on clients"
Rosanne C, Wilmington, DE

"I was completely satisfied. Thank you for your time and sharing your wealth of information."
Denise O, Philadelphia , Pa

"Dr. Jain is highly knowledgeable with excellent teaching and communication skills. It was a pleasure to take his course and I would highly recommend it. I enjoyed the course so much I wish it were large. The course provided a solid foundation to practice hypnotherapy."
Marjorie-Linda Z, Philadelphia, PA

"A very informative insightful class."
Michele P, Drums, PA


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