Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested to enroll for your course on Quantum Hypnotherapy, but I have no prior knowledge of hypnotherapy. Can you tell me about it and whether:

1) can it be be useful in healing the self as well as others?
2) can it help us to gain confidence?
3) can it help us to improve our self esteem?
4) can it help us to improve relationships?
Dr. Jain's response:
Thanks for your email. This course is complete in itself and you do not have to have a prior knowledge of hypnosis. After completing the course, you will have a good, experiential understanding of hypnosis/self-hypnosis, meditation, and of "the process of mind," thru which we create all our negativities and emotions (happiness and sadness).

In a dark room, we ask the question "where is the door?" This question seems to be natural and real; but in fact, this question itself is a byproduct of the "darkness." However, if there is light in the room, this question will never cross our mind; we will simply "see" the door and use it. In addition, in a dark room, more seemingly real questions will arise in the mind, along with fear. We may even hurt ourselves by hitting objects in the darkness, since we can't see them. A rope may look like a snake and we will be afraid of it.

Similarly, when the mind is "ignorant" (darkness), thousands of questions come to mind everyday: "how do I get peace of mind?"; "how do I get rid of negative emotions such as anger, hatred, pain, frustrations, jealousness, restlessness, low self-esteem, low or no confidence, and many more?"; "how do I improve relationships?"; "how do I relax?"; "how do I forgive?"; "how do I achieve enlightenment?"; "how do I love?"; and so on. There is no end to such questions. With so many questions in mind and problems in life, we start looking outside for solutions, help, sympathy, love, and care. And fortunately, there is no shortage of help available outside. Where there is demand, there is supply available; consequently, we find gurus, priests, teachers, counselors, therapists, healers, psychics, astrologers, and many more new-age or holistic energy workers to provide help. This help coming from outside is only temporary and in many cases may not work at all.

Asking the right question is getting started towards the right answer. A wrong question will always lead to a wrong answer and more confusion. People are asking wrong questions without realizing the consequences of this wrong approach. Instead of asking "how do I get peace of mind," one should ask, "how do I create the restlessness of the mind." We don't know what peace of mind is, all we know what is restlessness, negativity, and anxieties. Rather" how to relax," we should ask "what is this current state of mind which I want to get rid of it?"

The real wisdom, the true help, and the final answers are always within. And each and every human being or creature in this universe has equal amounts of intelligence, wisdom, love, and healing power within herself or himself.

This course on quantum hypnotherapy will help you bring a little "light" in the room, i.e., awareness of the mind or the consciousness so that you no more depend on others for "healing" or for "answers." As a byproduct of this experiential and practical understanding from this 2-day workshop, you will experience self-esteem, peace of mind, confidence, health of body-mind, creativity, natural and loving relationships, and many more such wonderful emotions of life.

In brief, you may find a positive transformation in your life after this workshop. Once you feel this change in your own life, others around you will be transformed too: one light (deepak) can bring light to many others (deepak). This workshop will be an experience of tum so ma jyotir gamaya (take me from darkness to light).


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