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Events Calendar

Please use the links on the left to view the schedule for upcoming workshops, seminars, and courses. Please email Dr. Jain at akjain@quantumhypnotherapy.com if you are interested in organizing an event.

Dr. Jain has conducted hundreds of workshops, seminars, and certification courses in clinical hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, meditation, dreams, past life therapy, and other subjects. He is available for private/group consultations on quitting smoking, weight control, stress management, past life regression, depression, enhancing skills, and others via spiritual/quantum self-hypnosis and meditation.

Dr. Jain’s teaching style includes simple but powerful spiritual stories from ancient scriptures, yogis, gurus, fakirs, saints, masters, and more. He has been making sincere efforts to explain at an experiential level the mysteries of mind-body in terms of new quantum and space-time physics. He illustrates how meditation is a state of awareness, to be realized through simple natural way, which he calls “an effortless effort”. When the thinking process of mind is understood at the experiential level, a meditative mind develops by itself. In all his workshops, the participants practice various effortless techniques of breathing, relaxation, and “let go”.

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