Ashok Kumar Jain, Ph.D. is a former physics professor, certified hypnotherapist, meditation instructor, clinical hypnotherapy and past life therapy trainer, and an international lecturer and workshop/seminar  conductor on new physics, metaphysics, mysticism, tantra yoga, self-hypnosis, dream-work, past life phenomenon, and many other mind-body-soul subjects.

Currently he is working as a telecommunications systems engineer. He earned his Ph.D. in Physics from N. Ireland. He has published over 85 research papers in refereed international Physics journals, many review articles, invited talks, technical reports, books, etc. in atomic physics, mathematics, and engineering. He has also published many articles on meditation, hypnosis, past life regression, breath-work, and metaphysics.

Dr. Jain has conducted hundreds of workshops, seminars, and certification courses in clinical hypnotherapy, self-hypnosis, meditation, dreams, past life therapy, etc. subjects. He is available for private/group consultations on quit smoking, weight control, stress management, past life regression, depression, enhancing skills, etc. via spiritual/quantum self-hypnosis and meditation.

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